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"I am very impressed with the lift. After researching the various ones available I had settled on the BYB, but am very happy to have found yours. Better lift and much better price. I plan to get a picture of Julie, all 110 pounds of her, next to the lift that you can use  (if you want)..Julie and I knocked it out in an afternoon.. to show people that they don't need to be intimidated by having to build it themselves." 
Tom M. - Grand Rapids, MN - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

“Really impressed with the quality. My shop guys haven’t seen anything this nice before.. I’m already thinking of getting a second!”
- Travis M. – Waverly, MN – WF9000 - 5 Star Review

2015-11-14 17.51.00.jpg

"Ultimately I ended up buying not 1 but 2 Wildfire Automotive Lifts. My Criteria were: safety, design, functionality, ease of operation and of course cost. When I measured those attributes against the competition Wildfire very quickly came to the top. This really isn't what drove my decision to purchase a Wildfire Lift though. What really put me over the top to make my decision and be totally comfortable with it was the fact that when I contacted them and I contacted them directly they were quick to respond, very knowledgeable on what was involved in the design of their product but not only that, they were equally as knowledgeable in their competitors' products. They encouraged me to go out and compare the various attributes that I had concerns with to be comfortable that their lift was the right lift for me. As I said, I ended up buying 2 of these lifts. Now the process is over and I can redirect my research to what's really important, and that is buying the next new, old, car."

- Bill S. - Council Bluffs, IA - 2x WF900 - 5 Star Review

"When I decided to purchase a lift I began looking on the internet at many different brands. I even went and looked at some in person that were close to my location and became a little discouraged at how light duty they were and the people selling them were not very knowledgeable. Then I looked at The Wildfire brand on the internet and became very interested in the way it was designed and built. I called Brad and spoke with him a couple times and was very impressed how knowledgeable and enthusiastic he was about his lifts. I felt very comfortable about purchasing my lift over the phone without looking at it which is very uncharacteristic of myself.

Brad went way out of his way to even deliver it on Thanksgiving Day with his family on their way dinner just so I would have it to assemble over the long weekend.

Set up was easy and I am very happy with its looks and performance. Thanks again for all your help, I am the envy of my friends whenever they see my lift."

Mark P. – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"My buddy was impressed with the hoist and the price. I also want to thank you for the personalized plate that you sent me. That right there is over the top service. You have earned top rating from me and I will be sure to spread the word of what a great product and service you offer. Thanks from a very happy customer!"

- Travis B. - Delaware, IA - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

“I’ve been working on cars for just about 50 years now. When I decided to retire last year I wanted to buy a four post lift to make that process easier. I started researching the various brands and concluded that the lower priced lifts didn’t have the structural integrity that I wanted and didn’t have a full four sided post. Eventually I determined that the Backyard Buddy was the highest quality lift out there but before I purchased it I came across the Wildfire Lift. Upon comparison I realized that it was of equal or better than the Backyard Buddy in terms of quality and structural integrity. It was also significantly less cost and came with accessories such as casters, drip trays and a jack tray for no additional cost. I’m very happy with the purchase. It has worked flawlessly for the last six months. I highly recommend the Wildfire Lift.”

WF9000 Customer - 5 Star Review

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Wildfire Lift. I set it up and when I had questions; I called you and no waiting and your answers helped me greatly. The whole process from ordering to me lifting my auto the 1st time was GREAT . Being a senior citizen this lift gIves me more time enjoying my car then crawling on ground and working on my knees and reducing work on my antique car and saves my back for sure. Thank you."

- Mike Y. - Musekog, WI - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

I have been shopping for drive on hoists for some time. I am always looking to see how each manufacturer builds them. I first saw the Wildfire lift installed at a car Museum. I was impressed by the design and quality of the lift. After talking with the sales staff and finding out that they are not just a dealer of this lift but they designed the lift, I was sold. The willingness and rapid response to questions and concerns is second to none. I purchased two WF9000XLT lifts with the pneumatic jacks.  I am now utilizing cubic feet of storage and utilizing them for service work.

Greg S. – Bemidji MN –WF9000XLT – 5 Star Review

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Wildfire Lift.  It has been years in the making of researching and shopping of 4 post lifts.  I finally settled on a Wildfire because of the design and customer service. From the first phone call, I knew that customer service was your highest priority.  This was evident in the knowledge and support given both before and after the sale.  Dare to compare other models, and I Highly recommend this company. Thank you and I look forward to years of use with it! 

Eric S. – Des Moines, IA –WF9000 – 5 Star Review

I wanted to let you know we are real pleased with the lift I bought so far. I appreciate you going over the install instructions. It took a friend and I about 4 hours start to finish. It rolls around my pole barn concrete easily so I can work wherever its convenient. I also wanted to thank you for tracking me down at back to the fifties to make sure I was satisfied and everything was working well. Keep up the good work and best of luck with your business.   

Greg K. – Maple Grove, MN –WF9000XLT – 5 Star Review

My brother and I have been working on old cars since our high school days 50+ years ago. Between us we have 8 old cars that seem to need weekly TLC and sometimes it involved creepers and car ramps. Got to be too old for crawling under cars, getting dirt in your eyes and misplacing your needed wrenches while you're on your back under the car. A couple of years ago we started researching two post and four post lifts. The lifts usually were in other states and required quite a few dollars for freight and then time/effort to assemble it once it arrived and always hoping there would be no missing or damaged parts. We found a used Back Yard Buddy lift near by that the owner was selling because he was moving and didn't want to take it with him. He said he paid $6200 (??) for it and wanted to sell it for $4800, plus we would have to disassemble it, haul it and reassemble it. It was only a 7,000 lb. lift but was in good condition. We thought the price was too high and we weren't too eager to do the work involved to get it to our location.

We knew we wanted a four post lift that was moveable, did not require drilling holes into the concrete for anchoring and did not require 220 volts to operate. The main reason for wanting the lift was for ease of working on the bottom side of cars and the extra car storage space offered by the lift was secondary as we are not confined by space considerations.

When we were at the "Back to the Fifties" car event at the Minnesota Fairgrounds we were searching out vendors of lifts so we could see them first hand and meet the people we would be dealing with for the transaction. We met with Brad and Mike of Wildfire Lifts and they were extremely helpful in pointing out the features, advantages and benefits of their product. We also got an indication whether or not this would be a trouble free transaction or could become problematic. The lift they had at the show was exactly what we purchased and is the 9,000 slightly larger model that handles our pick up trucks as well as the old cars. We came away with a good feeling about the product and were comfortable in dealing in the future with Brad and Mike. After the show, a few e-mails and phone calls ....we purchased the Wildfire Lift, agreed on the price and determined a mutually acceptable date for delivery and installation. With the price of the Wildfire Lift compared to the used was a "no brainer". A better lift for less money and delivery and installation was included.

Right on Schedule Brad and Mike arrived at our site, unloaded the lift and had it assembled in around 3 hours. No problems whatsoever! We have been using the lift for about 4 months and are totally pleased with the quality of the workmanship on the unit and the ease of operation. It included the approach ramps, dollies to move the lift if needed, moveable jack tray for lifting the car while on the lift and 3 drip trays. The only thing I supplied was an extension cord! We lock the lift at the 6 foot level to work under the vehicles and then raise and lock it at 7.5 feet to store cars underneath. We have a 13 foot ceiling in the work shop and could lift the cars that high, but it's not needed. We probably will not move the lift, but know that we can easily do so within a matter of minutes. I really believe the Wildfire Lifts are a lot of quality equipment for the money and the business transaction could not have gone any smoother. What else could you ask for ????  

Bruce S. – Baldwin, WI –WF9000XLT – 5 Star Review

I had researched lifts for several years and I was all set to close the deal on a competitor's lift when I met Brad and his dad at the Back to the 50s car show in June.  They had their product on display and took the time to tell me all about it.  I was immediately attracted to the design, particularly how the lift rides around the posts, as opposed to inside slots in the posts, like some other lifts I researched. The quality of the Wildfire lift was readily apparent, so when they told me I could get their lift delivered AND set up for the same price I was about to pay the competitor with NO delivery, much less set up - I was sold.  Brad and his dad pulled in my driveway one weekday evening and got right to work, while I took my family out on the boat.  I consider myself pretty handy and I know I could have got the job done myself, but it was nice to have the professionals take care of it for me, because I know it was done right.  They also surprised me with a couple of "freebies" that added a nice personal touch.  I have been using the lift for a few months now and it is everything I had ever imagined a lift would be.  Guys that come to my house can't believe how convenient it is to wrench on the cars with this thing.  I am also very glad to support a father-son team, because I got the lift for a father-son project car.  It feels good to give my business to a couple guys who share my love for cars and its even better knowing that they started out doing this because of their father/grandfather's love for cars.  The story behind how they came up with "Wildfire" for their company name is heartwarming.  I would recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a four post car lift.  5 out of 5 stars!   

Andy M. – WF9000 – 5 Star Review

I've had my lift for about 6 months now. Assembly went faster than I thought, the suggestion of using a engine hoist to move the ramps around came in handy. The ramps are very heavy and took a little trail and error to swing the second ramp into place. After things went fast. 

I love the lift, my toy is up away from bicycles and kids. Bringing it down only takes a few minutes, well, plus the time it takes to clean out the storage space it's created. I talked about a lift for years and I've been told by the woman of the house I should have done it years ago.

Claude F. – Milwaukee, WI –WF9000XLT – 5 Star Review

"After much research I purchased a Wildfire Lift. Wow! Quality is outstanding, it looks great and I'm sure happy with my purchase"
- Dave E. – Nowthen, MN – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"I thought I died and went to heaven, when I got my new Wild Fire lift. I first saw the lift at my brother in law’s garage, I inspected the lift, and I liked what saw. The way it is built seems to be very strong, I like that it works on 110 electrical. This makes it very easy to use in different locations in my shop, especially because it has wheel attachments that makes the lift very easy to move around. The safety locks are strong and easy to operate. It is a drive on drive off design. We picked up the lift at Brad’s and home we went, setup was easy. I set the lift up myself with the help of my cherry picker, it took about 6 hours to set up. After set up, I tried the lift out, first vehicle on the lift was a Dodge 1 ton four door truck, also we had 1000 lbs. of freight in the truck, lifted the truck with no problems that was good enough for me. Now I use it every chance I get. Don’t know how I got along without my XLT 9000lb lift. Wish I could afford another!!!!!!"
Jerry N. – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"First off, I would like to thank you for all of your support during the shopping, purchase and installation of my Wildfire lift. Your customer service has been beyond expectations. Secondly, I would like to say that this is a well built heavy duty unit that not only lifts my 4000lbs vehicle with ease, but also looks great; color scheme is very classy. After several weeks of researching lift types and brands I am very glad that I chose Wildfire and their 4 post moveable lift system. Two post lift systems made me seriously question safety (unknown concrete strength - post / fastener tear out). Some other brand 4 post lift systems (very high cost, questionable locking systems and in some cases lack of movability). While there may be other brands of lifts that are similar in design and features, I believe that the Wildfire product offers the better value; based on cost, performance and customer support. Thanks again"
Chris W. – WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"As a 30 plus year home mechanic I was having less interest in laying on my ice cold garage floor to change oil and I became interested in a 4 post lift. I wanted a local company and not a "mail order" brand with no local support. I came across a YouTube video of Wildfire, loved the features and set up an appointment to see one with Brad. He showed me all the features and how strong the lift was with a car up on it! Safety and strength are what interested me along with cost of course. After seeing one and reading the positive reviews on the website I set up a delivery date. Brad and Mike delivered the lift right to my garage on a cold winter Saturday! They literally rolled the packaged lift right into my garage for me!! I did the assembly, with the help of a recommended engine lift, common hand tools and a helper, took me an afternoon and a few beers. So far; absolutely loving it! I wish I would have had one sooner: (Brad told me I'd say that). He was right! As a car mechanic to have your car safely off the floor to work underneath it is amazing! I also store my Mustang Cobra on it in the winter and park my ATV with snow plow under the lift. Frees up extra garage space for sure! Thanks to the guys at Wildfire!"
Ian O. – WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"The lift went in easy and I was impressed with just about everyting. The amount of room gained in a tight garage is incredible. Thanks again for a smooth experience. Until the next one.....or two......"
Jerry W. – WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"An excellent lift, no more crawling under a car, trouble light in hand, laying on a cold floor for this guy!  Heavy duty and big enough for my size of vehicles, it doesn't even seem to notice when its lifting them.  I strongly recommend the oversized unit, the posts are well out of the way so the car is just that much more accessible.  Also, the ability to move the lift around the shop is an absolute must for me.  I have a reasonably sized shop but being able to tuck it out of the way when it isn't needed and easily moved front and center when it is makes it much more usable.

All of the materials are well made but heavy, get a buddy to help assemble it.  It can be done by one person but you will need a cherry picker, some jacks and a bit of patience."
Jags by Briercliffe. – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Sorry it took so long to send this but I absolutely love the hoist! Very happy with the purchase!!"
Rich R. – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Totally loving my Wildfire Lift! I shopped