"I am very impressed with the lift. After researching the various ones available I had settled on the BYB, but am very happy to have found yours. Better lift and much better price. I plan to get a picture of Julie, all 110 pounds of her, next to the lift that you can use  (if you want)..Julie and I knocked it out in an afternoon.. to show people that they don't need to be intimidated by having to build it themselves." 
Tom M. - Grand Rapids, MN - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

“Really impressed with the quality. My shop guys haven’t seen anything this nice before.. I’m already thinking of getting a second!”
- Travis M. – Waverly, MN – WF9000 - 5 Star Review

2015-11-14 17.51.00.jpg

"Ultimately I ended up buying not 1 but 2 Wildfire Automotive Lifts. My Criteria were: safety, design, functionality, ease of operation and of course cost. When I measured those attributes against the competition Wildfire very quickly came to the top. This really isn't what drove my decision to purchase a Wildfire Lift though. What really put me over the top to make my decision and be totally comfortable with it was the fact that when I contacted them and I contacted them directly they were quick to respond, very knowledgeable on what was involved in the design of their product but not only that, they were equally as knowledgeable in their competitors' products. They encouraged me to go out and compare the various attributes that I had concerns with to be comfortable that their lift was the right lift for me. As I said, I ended up buying 2 of these lifts. Now the process is over and I can redirect my research to what's really important, and that is buying the next new, old, car."

- Bill S. - Council Bluffs, IA - 2x WF900 - 5 Star Review

"When I decided to purchase a lift I began looking on the internet at many different brands. I even went and looked at some in person that were close to my location and became a little discouraged at how light duty they were and the people selling them were not very knowledgeable. Then I looked at The Wildfire brand on the internet and became very interested in the way it was designed and built. I called Brad and spoke with him a couple times and was very impressed how knowledgeable and enthusiastic he was about his lifts. I felt very comfortable about purchasing my lift over the phone without looking at it which is very uncharacteristic of myself.

Brad went way out of his way to even deliver it on Thanksgiving Day with his family on their way dinner just so I would have it to assemble over the long weekend.

Set up was easy and I am very happy with its looks and performance. Thanks again for all your help, I am the envy of my friends whenever they see my lift."

Mark P. – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"My buddy was impressed with the hoist and the price. I also want to thank you for the personalized plate that you sent me. That right there is over the top service. You have earned top rating from me and I will be sure to spread the word of what a great product and service you offer. Thanks from a very happy customer!"

- Travis B. - Delaware, IA - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

“I’ve been working on cars for just about 50 years now. When I decided to retire last year I wanted to buy a four post lift to make that process easier. I started researching the various brands and concluded that the lower priced lifts didn’t have the structural integrity that I wanted and didn’t have a full four sided post. Eventually I determined that the Backyard Buddy was the highest quality lift out there but before I purchased it I came across the Wildfire Lift. Upon comparison I realized that it was of equal or better than the Backyard Buddy in terms of quality and structural integrity. It was also significantly less cost and came with accessories such as casters, drip trays and a jack tray for no additional cost. I’m very happy with the purchase. It has worked flawlessly for the last six months. I highly recommend the Wildfire Lift.”

WF9000 Customer - 5 Star Review

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Wildfire Lift. I set it up and when I had questions; I called you and no waiting and your answers helped me greatly. The whole process from ordering to me lifting my auto the 1st time was GREAT . Being a senior citizen this lift gIves me more time enjoying my car then crawling on ground and working on my knees and reducing work on my antique car and saves my back for sure. Thank you."

- Mike Y. - Musekog, WI - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

I have been shopping for drive on hoists for some time. I am always looking to see how each manufacturer builds them. I first saw the Wildfire lift installed at a car Museum. I was impressed by the design and quality of the lift. After talking with the sales staff and finding out that they are not just a dealer of this lift but they designed the lift, I was sold. The willingness and rapid response to questions and concerns is second to none. I purchased two WF9000XLT lifts with the pneumatic jacks.  I am now utilizing cubic feet of storage and utilizing them for service work.

Greg S. – Bemidji MN –WF9000XLT – 5 Star Review

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Wildfire Lift.  It has been years in the making of researching and shopping of 4 post lifts.  I finally settled on a Wildfire because of the design and customer service. From the first phone call, I knew that customer service was your highest priority.  This was evident in the knowledge and support given both before and after the sale.  Dare to compare other models, and I Highly recommend this company. Thank you and I look forward to years of use with it! 

Eric S. – Des Moines, IA –WF9000 – 5 Star Review

I wanted to let you know we are real pleased with the lift I bought so far. I appreciate you going over the install instructions. It took a friend and I about 4 hours start to finish. It rolls around my pole barn concrete easily so I can work wherever its convenient. I also wanted to thank you for tracking me down at back to the fifties to make sure I was satisfied and everything was working well. Keep up the good work and best of luck with your business.   

Greg K. – Maple Grove, MN –WF9000XLT – 5 Star Review

My brother and I have been working on old cars since our high school days 50+ years ago. Between us we have 8 old cars that seem to need weekly TLC and sometimes it involved creepers and car ramps. Got to be too old for crawling under cars, getting dirt in your eyes and misplacing your needed wrenches while you're on your back under the car. A couple of years ago we started researching two post and four post lifts. The lifts usually were in other states and required quite a few dollars for freight and then time/effort to assemble it once it arrived and always hoping there would be no missing or damaged parts. We found a used Back Yard Buddy lift near by that the owner was selling because he was moving and didn't want to take it with him. He said he paid $6200 (??) for it and wanted to sell it for $4800, plus we would have to disassemble it, haul it and reassemble it. It was only a 7,000 lb. lift but was in good condition. We thought the price was too high and we weren't too eager to do the work involved to get it to our location.

We knew we wanted a four post lift that was moveable, did not require drilling holes into the concrete for anchoring and did not require 220 volts to operate. The main reason for wanting the lift was for ease of working on the bottom side of cars and the extra car storage space offered by the lift was secondary as we are not confined by space considerations.

When we were at the "Back to the Fifties" car event at the Minnesota Fairgrounds we were searching out vendors of lifts so we could see them first hand and meet the people we would be dealing with for the transaction. We met with Brad and Mike of Wildfire Lifts and they were extremely helpful in pointing out the features, advantages and benefits of their product. We also got an indication whether or not this would be a trouble free transaction or could become problematic. The lift they had at the show was exactly what we purchased and is the 9,000 slightly larger model that handles our pick up trucks as well as the old cars. We came away with a good feeling about the product and were comfortable in dealing in the future with Brad and Mike. After the show, a few e-mails and phone calls ....we purchased the Wildfire Lift, agreed on the price and determined a mutually acceptable date for delivery and installation. With the price of the Wildfire Lift compared to the used BYB...it was a "no brainer". A better lift for less money and delivery and installation was included.

Right on Schedule Brad and Mike arrived at our site, unloaded the lift and had it assembled in around 3 hours. No problems whatsoever! We have been using the lift for about 4 months and are totally pleased with the quality of the workmanship on the unit and the ease of operation. It included the approach ramps, dollies to move the lift if needed, moveable jack tray for lifting the car while on the lift and 3 drip trays. The only thing I supplied was an extension cord! We lock the lift at the 6 foot level to work under the vehicles and then raise and lock it at 7.5 feet to store cars underneath. We have a 13 foot ceiling in the work shop and could lift the cars that high, but it's not needed. We probably will not move the lift, but know that we can easily do so within a matter of minutes. I really believe the Wildfire Lifts are a lot of quality equipment for the money and the business transaction could not have gone any smoother. What else could you ask for ????  

Bruce S. – Baldwin, WI –WF9000XLT – 5 Star Review

I had researched lifts for several years and I was all set to close the deal on a competitor's lift when I met Brad and his dad at the Back to the 50s car show in June.  They had their product on display and took the time to tell me all about it.  I was immediately attracted to the design, particularly how the lift rides around the posts, as opposed to inside slots in the posts, like some other lifts I researched. The quality of the Wildfire lift was readily apparent, so when they told me I could get their lift delivered AND set up for the same price I was about to pay the competitor with NO delivery, much less set up - I was sold.  Brad and his dad pulled in my driveway one weekday evening and got right to work, while I took my family out on the boat.  I consider myself pretty handy and I know I could have got the job done myself, but it was nice to have the professionals take care of it for me, because I know it was done right.  They also surprised me with a couple of "freebies" that added a nice personal touch.  I have been using the lift for a few months now and it is everything I had ever imagined a lift would be.  Guys that come to my house can't believe how convenient it is to wrench on the cars with this thing.  I am also very glad to support a father-son team, because I got the lift for a father-son project car.  It feels good to give my business to a couple guys who share my love for cars and its even better knowing that they started out doing this because of their father/grandfather's love for cars.  The story behind how they came up with "Wildfire" for their company name is heartwarming.  I would recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a four post car lift.  5 out of 5 stars!   

Andy M. – WF9000 – 5 Star Review

I've had my lift for about 6 months now. Assembly went faster than I thought, the suggestion of using a engine hoist to move the ramps around came in handy. The ramps are very heavy and took a little trail and error to swing the second ramp into place. After things went fast. 

I love the lift, my toy is up away from bicycles and kids. Bringing it down only takes a few minutes, well, plus the time it takes to clean out the storage space it's created. I talked about a lift for years and I've been told by the woman of the house I should have done it years ago.

Claude F. – Milwaukee, WI –WF9000XLT – 5 Star Review

"After much research I purchased a Wildfire Lift. Wow! Quality is outstanding, it looks great and I'm sure happy with my purchase"
- Dave E. – Nowthen, MN – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"I thought I died and went to heaven, when I got my new Wild Fire lift. I first saw the lift at my brother in law’s garage, I inspected the lift, and I liked what saw. The way it is built seems to be very strong, I like that it works on 110 electrical. This makes it very easy to use in different locations in my shop, especially because it has wheel attachments that makes the lift very easy to move around. The safety locks are strong and easy to operate. It is a drive on drive off design. We picked up the lift at Brad’s and home we went, setup was easy. I set the lift up myself with the help of my cherry picker, it took about 6 hours to set up. After set up, I tried the lift out, first vehicle on the lift was a Dodge 1 ton four door truck, also we had 1000 lbs. of freight in the truck, lifted the truck with no problems that was good enough for me. Now I use it every chance I get. Don’t know how I got along without my XLT 9000lb lift. Wish I could afford another!!!!!!"
Jerry N. – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"First off, I would like to thank you for all of your support during the shopping, purchase and installation of my Wildfire lift. Your customer service has been beyond expectations. Secondly, I would like to say that this is a well built heavy duty unit that not only lifts my 4000lbs vehicle with ease, but also looks great; color scheme is very classy. After several weeks of researching lift types and brands I am very glad that I chose Wildfire and their 4 post moveable lift system. Two post lift systems made me seriously question safety (unknown concrete strength - post / fastener tear out). Some other brand 4 post lift systems (very high cost, questionable locking systems and in some cases lack of movability). While there may be other brands of lifts that are similar in design and features, I believe that the Wildfire product offers the better value; based on cost, performance and customer support. Thanks again"
Chris W. – WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"As a 30 plus year home mechanic I was having less interest in laying on my ice cold garage floor to change oil and I became interested in a 4 post lift. I wanted a local company and not a "mail order" brand with no local support. I came across a YouTube video of Wildfire, loved the features and set up an appointment to see one with Brad. He showed me all the features and how strong the lift was with a car up on it! Safety and strength are what interested me along with cost of course. After seeing one and reading the positive reviews on the website I set up a delivery date. Brad and Mike delivered the lift right to my garage on a cold winter Saturday! They literally rolled the packaged lift right into my garage for me!! I did the assembly, with the help of a recommended engine lift, common hand tools and a helper, took me an afternoon and a few beers. So far; absolutely loving it! I wish I would have had one sooner: (Brad told me I'd say that). He was right! As a car mechanic to have your car safely off the floor to work underneath it is amazing! I also store my Mustang Cobra on it in the winter and park my ATV with snow plow under the lift. Frees up extra garage space for sure! Thanks to the guys at Wildfire!"
Ian O. – WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"The lift went in easy and I was impressed with just about everyting. The amount of room gained in a tight garage is incredible. Thanks again for a smooth experience. Until the next one.....or two......"
Jerry W. – WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"An excellent lift, no more crawling under a car, trouble light in hand, laying on a cold floor for this guy!  Heavy duty and big enough for my size of vehicles, it doesn't even seem to notice when its lifting them.  I strongly recommend the oversized unit, the posts are well out of the way so the car is just that much more accessible.  Also, the ability to move the lift around the shop is an absolute must for me.  I have a reasonably sized shop but being able to tuck it out of the way when it isn't needed and easily moved front and center when it is makes it much more usable.

All of the materials are well made but heavy, get a buddy to help assemble it.  It can be done by one person but you will need a cherry picker, some jacks and a bit of patience."
Jags by Briercliffe. – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Sorry it took so long to send this but I absolutely love the hoist! Very happy with the purchase!!"
Rich R. – WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Totally loving my Wildfire Lift! I shopped around for a while for a lift and heard a lot of good reviews on Wildfire. I liked that the owner of the company himself answered technical questions for me, and was available to give advice to my installer. I would recommend Wildfire to anyone looking for a garage lift!"
Craig T. - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Brad & Mike, I finally took a photo of my '56 GMC PU on the lift in my hangar. It has been a life-saver having the lift to check the truck over after putting the first 100 or so miles on it. The lift works great! Thanks"
Dan B. - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"The service was fast and amazing. I called randomly during the week and Brad showed me the lift in the middle of winter in the middle of the day. He showed me his car on the lift and how sturdy it was. Best part for me was the lift not needing to be bolted to the ground and how strong it was. My current car may not weigh a lot but having the extra capabilities is nice. Also the fact that it comes with the drip pans [and additional accessories] is a nice touch. Service was fast and they installed it in my garage for me the next weekend. I have never had a problem with my lift because I feel it is over engineered for safety, which is a huge win for me. "
Kyle J. - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Brad - I must apologize for the delay in writing this. We've been swamped with work at our classic auto upholstery shop, plus doing a remodeling job in the shop itself. I installed the lift myself within a day of picking it up from you, and absolutely LOVE it! Use it all the time for basic maintenance work and storage. I even used it as a mobile work platform for installing the electrical, insulation, and sheetrock in the shop remodel. Would have sent some pics, but the shop is still a MESS! Soon as I get things cleaned up and walls and ceiling painted, I'll get those pics to you. Sure glad I found you online before I bought one of those "other" brands of 4 post lifts. This one utilizes the best features of the other ones, and I've looked at all of them. One of the best investments I've made for my shop. You can edit this message and use it as a testimonial if you want to. THANKS - Steve"
Steve A. - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"After much research I settled on Wildfire Lifts and after seeing other lifts I know I made a wise decision. There is no comparison on how the locks work and the size of the beams. I picked up my lift from the freight carrier in the morning and had the lift installed and operational by noon. Instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. Highly recommend Wildfire."
Larry H. - Marengo, IL - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Love this lift!! Easy to put together and works awesome!! Thanks Brad and Mike for a great product"
Randy K. - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"My two sons and I just finished assembling my Wildfire 9000 and are excited and pleased.  Your prompt reply to our request for the pictorial guide we lost was above our expectations.  My only question is …. How do I say ‘no’ to my friends and their relatives when they ask to use it and still keep them as friends?  (Just kidding)"
Jim B. - Edwardsville, IL - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Hi Brad, Just wanted to let you know the lift is up and running.  Picking it up was a breeze at YRC, and two of us had it together in about 4 hours.  I've put a few different lifts together including Back Yard Buddys, and yours was certainly the easiest.  Love the way you install all the pulleys and linkages for the release.  The others didn't do that.  Saved us a lot of time.  Love the tall posts and the rolling pan with the drain plug.  Super well thought out.  The casters work great too!  All standard equipment!  I'm very impressed with this lift. Thanks for all your help with this.  I will be sure to recommend  your company whenever possible."
Chris D. - Ocean View, DE - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Brad, I took delivery of your 9000 LBS. XLT lift last Friday. It was packaged very well and with no damage to cardboard besides a few small holes. Once unloaded and transferred to the building, I began to unwrap and unpackaged the components. Very well packaged and crated. Assembly went very well and without any problems. Your online assembly video helped in the assembly process. The four dollies to move the lift are very nice addition to your lift. Once fully assembled it performed as advertised. Keep up the good work! Regards"

Bob R. - Big Rock, IL - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Brad and Mike. Thanks for making such a great product! Easy assembly and use. My son and I love it!  "

Bob S. - Marshfield, WI - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Fits awesome in the shop!"

Josh S. - Prior Lake, MN - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Brad, I said I would send a few pics. Loving the lift so far. Thanks."

Patrick F. - Pittsboro, NC - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"G'day Brad;) After battling the Houston humidity over the past few days, I got this Wildfire lift together~ by myself (OK, your instructions and your immediate phone help helped greatly!) , however my homemade Gantry crane made it easy in the lifting aspect! You and your friend on your video make lifting the parts so easy! OMG, ya'll must eat a lot of spinach up there! lol.  I'm kind of a dummy some times, but I wasn't able to put my trailer on it as its wheel width was way too wide, but no worry. At least it does clear putting underneath it or through it. It's close but doable.

I had to stop for today, just got too hot/humid, however, OK Gary did help me to roll the lift outside to turn the lift around. I used moms lawntractor to inch it along, then got one wheel stuck in the grass(I didn't see it roll off the edge of the concrete~ doah!)

It's a beautiful lift! It's incredibly quiet and I'm super glad I went with the larger lift!! That would be a selling point unless ones garage is just too small.


I'm not sure what I'm going to put up high, if anything, it's one more parking place to put a car/vehicle out of the way.


I'll be putting your lift on my www.Classiccarsandtools.com in a few days, I haven't posted anything in a long time, this will be a nice edition!

Thank you and have a great weekend!


Dne'. - Cypress, TX - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"The lift crate has been safely delivered and placed in the garage.  Your packing system is an excellent example of packing engineering.  Everything arrived, on time and in great shape.  Assembly will begin next week.  
The use of a flat bottom tilting trailer made the delivery effortless.  "

George L. - Murrels Inlet, SC - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

C1 Corvette and Cobra Wildfire Lifts XLT
C4 Corvette on Wildfire Standard Car Lif

"Brad, as promised my experience in writing. Pictures will follow in another email.

Hey car enthusiasts, I’d like to give you some feedback on my purchase of a Wildfire car lift.  

I have been in the market for a car lift for the last six months and landed on the Wildfire 9000 XL.  The reasons why I selected the Wildfire over there competitors was safety, quality of product, customer service and price.  I use the lift mainly for storage and light duty servicing of my collectible cars.  My garage has an 11’ ceiling and allows the lift to raise above my height 5’ 9” and still has 12” between roof of car and garage ceiling.  I went with the XL because I wanted the wider footprint.  From a safety standpoint, I liked the heavy 5x5 steel post with steel collars and the heavy duty safety locking pins.  When the lift settles on the locking pins you feel very safe and secure.  The 3hp motor lifts with no hesitation and operates very smoothly. The quality of the lift exceeded my expectation, it took me two days to assemble with some help from my neighbor, my son and his friend.  No issues with drilled holes not aligning up or parts not fitting or missing.  The lift went together as described in the video and written instructions.  I did have to add a 20amp dedicated circuit to eliminate garage lights from blinking.  Customer service was no high pressure sales, very helpful in describing how to pickup from freight station and how to unload with an engine hoist at home.  I ordered the lift on Thursday, received it on Thursday one week later as promised which was important because I reserved a lease trailer for that day.  I also invested in the pneumatic air jack which makes jacking a car on the lift an easy job. I have no issues with ground clearance driving my 02 vette up on the steel ramps.  Pricing was comparable and it was not the cheapest lift, but in my opinion it was well worth the price.  I also like the fact that they don’t nickel and dime you.  The ramps, drip trays, casters, wheel stops and rolling jack stand all were included in price.  Overall, very satisfied with this lift and the support from the Wildfire team.  

I would highly recommend this lift to a friend.

Regards, Al"

Al B. - Hoover, AL - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

1970 Camaro Wildfire Lifts WF9000 - Copy

"Good Morning Wildfire team! I have a bit of testimony for you!.............I Received my lift on Friday at 5:30 p.m……………With the help of friends (5 of us on and off) we had my lift assembled by 11:00 p.m. that night with my 1970 Camaro up top looking pretty proud! We had a lot of fun assembling, and If we can get this up and going in a night……Anyone can!!!

After 3 months of research, calls to other companies with questions, I knew after speaking with you directly….. Customer service was the priority, and the safety and the quality of your lift is not negotiated.

Thank you for such an awesome product…Measurements were exact, my footprint was perfect.  The lift is beautiful, will always be useful and completes my garage.

Anyone reading this, let me save you the 3-4 months of research I did, just call and order yourself a WildFire Lift. Sincerely.  Brian G "

Brian G. - Omaha, NE - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

RX7 Wildfire Lifts WF9000 - Copy.jpg

"Thanks again for your help in the purchase of our lift. It shipped into our local freight hub and was loaded with ease. I had four guys help to unload the ramps and we assembled in a few hours. The assembly went pretty smooth. We only had a few minor issues that we figured out. The overall packaging was perfect!  It was easy to break down and everything was wrapped and well protected. 

The overall construction exceeded my expectations. The only issue I have is that the ramps are to steep for my Rx7. I will need to make extensions to properly drive the car up on the platform. "

Tom W. - Milford, OH - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Hi Brad, I put up the lift yesterday, I really like it.  Thanks for a great product! Mike"

Mike J. - Rapid City, SD - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

Mustang and Miata on 4 Post Car Lift - W

"Thanks for the great service Brad. Lift installed and working as advertised. Great product."

Jeff S. - North Wilkesboro, NC - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Hey Brad, When do I get to submit my testimonial on how great your customer service was and the ease and functionality of the lift. I am stoked, I am glad I listened to you because that saved me an additional $900 alone and it was just like you said, very easy install. Me and my 20 year old son put it together and it was a great bonding experience. The toughest part of the entire project was getting the initial load off the rental truck. After that, it was a breeze! Thanks again and I am another very satisfied customer. You can even use me as a local resource if someone near by needs install assistance (I will only charge them half!) lol"

Mike R. - Gig Harbor, WA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Wildfire Lits Standard Lift Airplane Han

"My new Wildfire lift, is a great addition to my garage! My wife told me I really must have done my homework when picking out our new hoist. She was amazed it had a mobile feature and equipped with the jack tray and trip trays."

Bob S. - Eden Praire, Mn - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Your Lift survived the 7.0+ earthquake here in Anchorage today. Thank God for that. The Earthquake activity here is one of the main reasons I bought your brand of lift, as it wraps the Columns and adds lateral supports."

Mike D. - Anchorage, AK - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Brad, What a great experience, pleasure doing business with you! I’m looking forward to receiving the lift and getting the old car up on her ;-) I’ll send pics when done. Regards, Keith"

Keith S. - Loveland, CO - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Glad I purchased a wildfire lift, set up nicely no issues runs smooth Great work"

Terry K. - Vancouver, WA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"I am writing this review for my husband as he does not have Gmail -- This lift is the best investment I have ever made. I wish I would have bought one thirty years ago. Thanks, Stan J"

Stan J. - Eagle Bend, Mn - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Brad & Mike I wanted to thank you both so much for getting my lift shipped out so quite. the lift was easy to assembly my wife and I did it together but I did take about 8 hours for us to do it. It did go together very well and fit in my garage as you can see by the picture. thanks again Steve M.

Update: Hi Brad just wanted to let you know that i am very glad i bought your left we just had a 5.7 earth quake here in Magna Utah and i had my car lifted up almost all the way to the top and it stay in place the post moved a little bit but the car stayed. I was so glad when i open the door to the garage and it was still there i had things hanging on the walls but was now on the floor of the garage so i am writing you to say two thumbs up for your lift and how safe it is. The quake was on 3/18/2020 and we are still having aftershocks up to 3.0"

Steve M. - Magna, UT - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"...What a prompt and reassuring reply from you!  All my telephone calls and emails have been received and answered fully and courteously!!   How unusual this day when customers are merely a number and once the money is received  $$$ cha-ching  "Mr. Customer" becomes a: Pain-in-the-Butt!  You, i.e. Wildfire Lifts, are to be commended for placing the customer first.  Perhaps a large part of the reason you've been successful.  If this is your normal modus operandi I should/will be a very satisfied customer. Thank  you, thank you. Again,thanks for your prompt and thorough response."

John Z. - Mantua, OH - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Wildfire XLT.jpg

"Greetings. 2 oil changes yesterday not a drop on my floor or my hands for a change. Today put a new be rear bearing assembly/ abs stabilitrac sensor surface in my Malibu. Never on my back or knees once. Also likely saved me hours. Appears I will make good use of this lift. Should have bought one years ago or at least before I changed all the u joints in my Corvette. That was not fun on the floor. Lots of compliments on your lift. So far so good fellas. Happy new year"

Dave S. - Kaukauna, WI - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Had my uncle's 40 Buick on the lift over the weekend he's in love with the lift Lol I've become everybody's friend since owning this Lol have a great day Brad..."

Mark C. - Lincoln, CA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review


"I used your assembly video and tips and my wife and I were able to get it together in about a half day taking our time. Love the lift, everything went together very easily/well, and it just worked. I have a project C-10 so the lift will come in very handy when I can get back to it. Thanks again for a great product, flexible fast shipping, great price, and good communication. Snapped a couple pics....."

Tim P. - Idaho Falls, ID - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Workvan on Wildfire XLT 4 Post Car Lift.
Camaro on Wildfire XLT 4 Post Car Lift.j

“ I just finished a garage building project that took me two years.  What seemed like a simple process was full of obstacles and decisions about spending more money than what my original budget told me the project would cost.  It started with a lot of extra site work that would divert water away from the garage and prevent the possibility of water pouring into the structure once it was finished.  I just imagined myself lying in a puddle while working on something.  Finally over the summer the garage was completed.  The height of the structure was designed to take on a four post lift and have the capability of lifting vehicles up to 7 feet above the floor.  For the last 2 years I had casually been researching lift manufacturers.  Once I did a deeper dive and read reviews, I found a lot of information that was not apparent in the literature that the companies provided.  I didn’t want to get a piece of equipment delivered and then find out later that I would have to go well over budget because it did not include a bunch of accessories that were necessary to make the lift perform to expectations.  Buying something from the biggest company is not always the right decision.  I came across the Wildfire lift company and was pretty impressed with the company website and features.  I called and talked to the people there and they were very helpful.  A live person actually answers the phone.  Amazing in this day and age.  I made the decision and went with the Wildfire guys.  As the lift was delivered (4 days later) I had some questions during setup.  My questions were answered by a live person on the spot.  The whole buying experience from this company has been great.  I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality product at a fair price.”

Greg C. - Fairport, NY - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review


"Just wanted to say thank you for the service. Got my lift on Wednesday (i went to the carrier and picked it up, too anxious!) and completed the install yesterday. Took a couple evenings, all total probably 6 hrs but I was also getting my shop organized and cleaned. Very easy to assemble, what the directions are not clear on is very easy to figure out. Here are a couple of photos of the lift in action. Ran it up and down about 5-6 times yesterday and it is settling in great. Now back to work on my truck!"

Dan M. - Spokane Valley, WA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review


"Summer in Alaska is short with much to do.  But I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Wildfire Lift, it is everything I hoped it would be I feel very safe working under it, and am very confident  that in the event of a earthquake my lift will stand. Everyone that sees it is impressed with its construction. Thanks again for a great lift  enclosed please find a few pictures"

Brent M. - Alaska - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

6 of 13 WF9000XLT in Moab, UT - Copy.JPG

"Very happy with this lift!  Received my lift about 45 days after ordering. Everything comes very organized and packaged to prevent any damage. An additional friend to help is needed for the heavy parts but it all goes together per the instructions very well!  This is a great product and the customer service is outstanding!  "

Mark G. - Cedar, Mn - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review


"Finally up and finished!  Thank you Wildfire for a great product!"

Cal Z. - Hancock, WI - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"I want to say how much I appreciate your responsiveness, Besides what seems like a great lift, your customer service has been top notch!"

Jake C. - Port Orchard, WA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Love the lift. Thanks! I'm impressed with the quality of the lift. Really nice"

Allen B. - Meridian, ID - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

4 Post Car Lift in Chicagoland.JPG
4 Post Car Lift in Idaho.JPG

"I have been wanting to get back to you about this lift. I got it almost a year ago, my son and I assembled it and it was pretty easy and straight-forward. I am very happy with the lift and it's quality. It has been a real joy to own and although I only have 15 amp breakers in my garage it has never tripped one so I didn't bother changing them. In my opinion it is a better built lift than many of the lifts I have seen and for much less cost.Thanks again for an awesome product and great service too."

Lon H. - Limaville, OH - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

XLT Car Lift In Kansas.jpg
2 Car Lifts In a Minnesota Garage.jpg

"Mike and Brad , I just wanted to Thank You both very much for such a fun and exciting purchase of my wildfire lift . You made this purchase so easy and no pressure to buy , And taking the time to answer every question from when I first called to the end of putting it together . It is so nice to call and have someone answer you asap ! At no time did I ever question my purchase .From the first time I talked to Mike I knew you guys were the real deal and were going to be there when I needed help . I never felt you were ever in a hurry to get off the phone from all my questions . I will be telling as many people as I know about Wildfire lifts and showing off mine to them . Could not be happier with the fit and finish and quality of my lift . And the service you provide is PHENOMENAL !!!!!! Great job guys !!!!!!! Good chance there will be a 2nd in the near future ."

Mike L. - Huron, SD - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Uneven Floor 4 Post Car Lift.JPG
Skid Steer Under 4 Post Car Lift.JPG

"Just wanted to let you know I have the lift all together and works great I still haven't had a car on it yet but I'm happy with the fit and how easy it was to get together."

Kevin G. - Freemont, OH - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"I received the lift as expected from the ABF terminal without issues. I promptly assembled the lift and found that it went together perfectly and the quality was great. I have been using it daily and couldn’t be happier. "

Kevin L. - Wind Gap, PA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"This is a terrific product. It’s a high quality lift and it looks great in place. The support Brad and Mike provide is excellent. They respond quickly and completely. And they follow up. I chose to pick my lift up at the North Carolina warehouse. It went smoothly and they had the lift on my trailer within 15 minutes. They were friendly and offered to help me secure it. I needed an installer and the guys found one for me nearby. This installer sells and installs lifts for a living, he knows lifts. In his own words, the owner told me that Wildfire Lifts was the best lift he’s ever touched or seen."

Walter P. - Mill Spring, NC - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Ford Excursion on 4 Post Car Lift Wildfi
Ford Excursion on 4 Post Car Lift.jpg

"Lift still working great. I promised pictures of my Ford Excursion on the lift, see attached. My Excursion with some suspension modifications and interior changes weighs over 8000 lbs. I have had other lifts before, but never one that could lift this beast."

Dennis E. - Newcastle, OK - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Ford Pickup On Wildfire Lifts WF9000XLT.
Mercury Cougar on Wildfire Lifts WF9000X

"Thank you for the first rate experience! One of my friends referred Wildfire based on my experience and his buddy ordered two yesterday. Happy Easter and stay safe!"

Dan H. - Pennington, NJ - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Wildfire Lifts WF9000XLT Car Lift Storin
Wildfire Lifts WF9000XLT Car Lift Storin

"Attached are a few pictures. We just got the 3rd lift in place. I have not had a chance to clean up and put things where I want them long term. Love the lifts. First one was 6 hours to install and now we are 2 hour installed. Once the shop is cleaned up and the cars are in place. I will send you some better pictures."

Chris J. - Provo, UT - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

3 Wildfire Lifts WF9000 Car Lifts Utiliz

"Wanted to share that I love my lift. It installed easy and is in use daily. I also did a time lapse of a buddy, my grandson and I installing it. "

Ron P. - Chesterfield, VA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Wildfire Lifts WF9000XLT in Utah.jpg
WF9000XLT Storing A Mach 1 Mustang.jpg

"I work around large equipment every day, and I like things “overbuilt”.  I have been very happy with our lift. My 80 yr old dad really likes the fact he can get things at a level he doesn’t have to bend down to clean. I have even moved one car while on the lift. My favorite part is the fact I can position it anywhere in the shop. We enjoy using it for work close to the workbench, then moving it out of the way to use for additional storage. The fully wrapped corner posts make me feel much more secure than a 3 sided mechanism. If I can be of any help, feel free to reach out."

Kody C. - Olton, TX - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Wildfire Lifts 4 Post XLT Car Lift in Cu
Full Size Pickup on Wildfire Lifts WF900

"After 34 emails with many questions, back and forth with Brad ( yes one of the owners of the company ). I finally decided on the Wildfire lift on customer service alone. Even after Brad and Mike ( again the owners ) delivered it and were paid in full, they still were quick to get back to me with all of my questions and concerns. This lift, to my surprise actually can be assembled by one person in a day with a 2nd helper ( my wife ) helping with a few of the heavier and awkward pieces. Everything from the packaging to the instruction manual is first class. No missing bolts or poor diagrams like many furniture projects. Do yourself a favor and strongly consider this lift from a couple of quality guys and a great company. Sincerely Bill F."

Bill F. - Northfield, Mn - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Nice to hear you follow up and yes I have had a few questions for Brad which he was able to answer quickly.  How refreshing, this day and age, it is to call with a simple question and have a real person answer it quickly without having to deal with automated phone systems or uneducated call center employees.  I found the assembly instructions to be simple and accurate.   I am 70 years old and assembled the lift, along with my 15 year old grandson, in one day.  We also had help from the cherry picker and two floor jacks."

Jim R. - Wellington, CO - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Here is my lift all assembled. The only thing missing was a large washer. Otherwise, it went together very easily with the help of two friends and a hoist. Thanks again for the great customer service. I’ll think you’re already going to get two new customers referred by me. Hopefully there will be many."

Troy M. - Eagan, Mn - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Great companies are customer focused, and Wildfire is nothing short.

We had an issue upon unboxing our air jack (not wildfire’s fault) and Mike called me 2 separate times while with family to help me sort it out. We couldn’t find an answer to my issue, so Mike went out of his way to go to his warehouse (on his day off!!) to help us sort the issue.

Let me just say, this air jack is built like a brute. In the day’s of planned obsolescence it’s hard to find a quality product, but our air jack and XLT seem they will last into the next millennia.

Thanks again Wildfire!"

Carson B. - New Boston, NH - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"When only the best will do! Lift works great!"

Winnie Y. - Lynchburg, VA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Thanks for all the input regarding wildfire lift.  Received lift on 10 July was very easy to pickup at ABF. Installed lift on 11 July took about 5 hours wasn’t too bad. My son and grandson helped with install. We were very impressed with the packing of lift. I was not expecting packing to be so elaborate. Lift works great and have already used to fix some stuff on cars. Thanks again."

Jerry F. - Sanford, FL - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Hey, just wanted to shoot you guys a message lift install went perfect, and I love the lift... exactly what I needed for the space. ! I’ve had a ton of people on social media ask me about it so I tagged you in a post along with sending out your info to a bunch or messages. So if you have someone reference “MerchantSVT” that would be me just so you know where It came from. Thanks again!"

Jonathun C. - Charleston, SC - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"I received the lift the same week it was ordered. Fantastic, the assembly went great and it lifts everything I have with no problem.. The only improvement I can see would be a retractable cord about 15 feet long. Great product! Thank You"

Dale A. - Helena, MT - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Great product and great customer service. Ran across an issue with the motor. No fault of the company. Called and they were just as concerned as I was with making sure everything was taken care of. Gave me two options, being local I chose to wait an extra day and they came out replaced the motor along with checked that everything was good with the install."

Jason F. - Coon Rapids, Mn - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Hello. I've had my Wildfire lift for about a month now and i wanted to reach out and say that i thoroughly enjoy it.  The packaging was genius and even though the assembly took a few hours, nothing was difficult, everything just fit together.  I've never seen a cable lift up close before, its quite impressive how it works and whats all under the runway. i opted for the pneumatic/hydraulic jack, its a real game changer for working on brakes and bearings. I couldn't imagine going back to laying on the garage floor doing oil changes and what not.


Whether someone wants to store a project car, change oil, or create enough space for a motorcycle (I happen to be all 3); I will 100% recommend a Wildfire 4 post lift."

Russ K. - Calamus,IA - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Thank you very much. It was easy to do business with your company. Looking forward to receiving the lift."

Alex Z. - Waxhaw, NC - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Hey Brad! Just wanted to let you know that I'm really excited about my new lift! My wife's been talking with you. just wanted to tell you "THANKS!!" myself!!"

Joy S. - Buena Vista, GA - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Got it togethr though!! And just to let you know your lift is of absolute quality and have never in the years of searching seen or used something this good. Extremely satisfied!! Once again Thank you!! Keep up the good work your making a difference in the world."

David K. - Puyallup, WA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Thanks Brad for working with me and being patient and answering all the questions that I had. Even though my wife wanted me to wait till all of this Covid stuff was over I waited long enough and pulled the trigger. Installation was not too bad I think the toughest part of the job was unpacking everything easy enough my 13-year-old son was able to help me with the help of the engine hoist it went smooth thanks again for all your help and I will spread the word to everyone that asks and I will tell them why I made this choice as it was a long decision for me. Thanks again."

Daniel C. - Peoria, IL - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Good evening Brad, I am smiling over my new WF9000 lift. I have had the lift for a couple of weeks now and enjoying it. customer assistance 10+, construction 10, workmanship 10, quality 10, ease of assembly 8, overall satisfaction 10. Great product, it fixes prefect in the shop and lift my Chevy Tahoe with no problem. My son I installed it in about 6 hours with the aid of a engine hoist. The plans for it is too do some basic maintenance on my vehicles and storage. Once again thanks."

Charles C. - Sanford, NC - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Good evening Brad, THis email will not let you see how much I am smiling over my new lift WF9000. Great product, it fixes perfect in the shop and hold and lift my Chevy Tahoe with no problem. My son I installed it in about 6 hours with the assistance of a engine hoist. The plans for it is too do some basic maintenance on my vehicles and storage. Once again thanks."

Charles C. - Sanford, NC - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Hi Mike. Just wanted to tell you how much I love my new lift. Very pleased I went with Wildfire. It arrived Friday. My son and I tackled it on Sunday and within a few hours had it operational..  All in all this is a dream lift! Picks up my huge Dodge Polara with ease and fits my Camaro underneath. What a great package! Thank you again for an awesome product! Sincerely, Mark Mroz."

Mark M. - Schenectday, NY - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"My lift got delivered to me on 11-11.  With my work schedule I didn’t get it put up until 11-17. Went together very well I will get you pictures as soon as I get my shop cleaned up. Thanks for an awesome product. Thanks Matt. "

Matt M. - St Charles, ID - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my lift.  I purchased this lift because mama is just not into scraping windows anymore and the only way to park both on my cars in the garage is with a lift.  Happy Birthday to ME!  My husband & I were able to almost build the whole lift ourselves (needed help to stand up the posts because I have hardware in my back) with a cherry picker, car dolly and a little help from the ole John Deere tractor.  It took us one whole day.  The hardest part was finding oil for it.  Napa to the rescue.  My husband has a 2 post lift on his side and he uses my lift more often than his lift.  I was kinda scared to purchase a lift without actually seeing it but after speaking with you both we felt more at ease.  Thank you for getting it shipped to us so quickly.  I am glad that I purchased the Wildfire instead of the local Backyard Buddy. We are watching ViceGrip guy and we see that he has the jacklift, maybe one day we will have an extra $1000 and we will be able to get one of those as well.  Just thought we would give you some positive feedback.  Keep up the great work!"

Tiny & Doug H. - Hubbard, Ohio - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"Hey Guys. Here is my lift all assembled. The only thing missing was a larger washer. Otherwise, it went together very easily with the help of two friends and a hoist. Thanks again for the great customer service. I'll think you're already going to get two new customers referred by me. Hopefully there will be many. Feel free to use my pictures id you'd like."

Troy M. - Burnsville, Mn - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"It was great to talk to you as well! All our chatting and I didn’t get to tell you how awesome the lift has been and the boys and I have only been “playing around” with it so far! Thank you and Brad for being a joy to deal with while also providing an awesome product!"

Brett B. - Cologne, Mn - WF9000XLT- 5 Star Review

"Picked up the lift in Portland yesterday and got it assembled.  Works great, love it!  I’m sure glad I became aware of Wildfire Lifts through Vice Grip Garage.  Thought I’d share a few pictures…."

Joe Y. - Keizer, OR - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Got the lift installed.   Very impressive packaging and it went together very easily.  Thanks again."

Brian M. - Anchorage, AK - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Well if I wait till the shop is the way I want it for pictures it will never happen, so here are a few I took right away.  I really like the lift and have used it a lot already. Thank you for selling a good product that was just what I was looking for!."

John O. - Velva, ND - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Four Post Maintenance Car Lift.jpg

"Good morning Brad, I just wanted to tell you how great this lift is doing and not showing any signs of failure. It's been almost 2 years has seen over 100 vehicles on it, mine sits outside in the Sacramento area pretty mild Winters LOL I've done a few things like cover my motor with plastic bags drilled a few holes so the water can drain but as you can tell the Lift still looks great. Thanks again for such a great product."

Mark C. - Sacramento, CA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

"Good morning, Brad. I got my WF9000 installed over the weekend.  I want to summarize my thoughts in the following bullets: 1. Packaging:  It is obvious that you guys put a lot of thought in the packaging.  I was very impressed with how I received it.  I only had a couple of minor scratches in it.  Great work. 2. Assembly instructions:  Between the written instructions and the videos, assembly instruction is very well covered.  We didn't have any hang ups. 3. Operation:  The operation of the lift is easy and so far gone very well.  I like the freedom of several choices for mounting the motor assembly. 4. Quality and Craftsmanship:  The quality and craftsmanship appears to be good overall. 5. Summary:  Overall (and so far), I am very happy with my WildFire WF9000 purchase.  I think it's going to serve my needs well.  Time and usage will tell more about the reliability and longevity of the lift.  However, I don't have any major concerns based on my initial impression.  You guys really did consider the home garage car guy when designing and building your WF9000.  The fact that it operates on 120V power and no compressed air is required is great. I have attached a couple of pictures for you to see my lift in the garage! Thanks, David"

Dave C. - Massachusettes - WF9000 x2 - 5 Star Review

"Brad and Mike,Received and installed lift.   Very happy with working with you both.  The lift is great, just what I needed get more floor space.  The jeep is a 1942 Ford GPW built 14 July at the Dallas, TX plant. The right hand trailer is a 1943 Willys MT-3, and the left hand one isn a 1945 TEC T-3. All the best to you both,Bernard"

Bernard P. - Hertford, NC - WF9000 - 5 Star Review

"I put my lifts together today. These are amazing! The build quality is outstanding and everything went together perfect! I’ve owned car lifts in the past and they don’t even compare to yours. Thank you guys for going above and beyond to make this a great experience! I will strongly recommend your lifts to anyone! "

Danny M. - Yorktown, VA - x2 WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review