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Our Story

Cars are a way of life. Not simply a tool for transport. This has been a truth both Mike and Brad have lived their entire lives. Just like you.
Our love for cars started with "Super Ted", Mike's father and Brad's grandfather. Ted was influential in helping to develop Mike and Brad's love for cars while always teaching the care and responsibility that comes with owning a car of quality. 
Ted has since passed away but his influence and legacy of trust, care and responsibility will continue to drive the growth of Wildfire Lifts.
We here at Wildfire Lifts will only ever provide the highest quality products from one group of car enthusiasts to another.

Meet Mike - CoFounder

1999 Corvette FRC 6 Speed
Mike has been in the manufacturing business for 30+ years and a car guy for almost twice as long! Mike is the one responsible for managing our inventory levels and making sure our lifts are always of the highest quality possible.

Meet Brad - CoFounder

1995 Pontiac Trans Am 6 Speed Hardtop
Brad "doc" is a Chiropractor by day and a car enthusiasts by every other minute of the day. Brad understands the new dynamics of the changing "online" world and is the guy responsible for getting you here on this website. Having co founded the company with his father, Mike, he is dedicated to providing other car enthusiasts with hands down the best car lift on the market!

Join Our Story - Buy A Wildfire Lift - Carry On A Legacy

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