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How Hard Are They To Assemble? Can I do it myself or do I need to hire someone?

The vast majority of our customers assemble their lifts on their own with a second helping hand. Watch our video below to see how easy the assembly process actually is.

"Hey Brad, When do I get to submit my testimonial on how great your customer service was and the ease and functionality of the lift. I am stoked, I am glad I listened to you because that saved me an additional $900 alone and it was just like you said, very easy install. Me and my 20 year old son put it together and it was a great bonding experience. The toughest part of the entire project was getting the initial load off the rental truck. After that, it was a breeze! Thanks again and I am another very satisfied customer. You can even use me as a local resource if someone near by needs install assistance (I will only charge them half!) lol"

Mike R. - Gig Harbor, WA - WF9000XLT - 5 Star Review

Do The Casters Really Work Very Well?
You will be able to move your Wildfire Lift easier than most expect once on the included casters.


How Do I Pick Up The Lift At The Terminal?

A common question we get asked is do I need to bring anything special when picking up my lift? Or will the terminal load the lift onto the trailer for me? As you can see in the video the terminal will receive your lift and load it into your trailer for you. You then strap it down and pull it home!


How Is The Lift Packaged When I Receive It?

How do I receive my car lift? What does my car lift look like while shipping? What size trailer do I need for my car lift? This question and many more are common ones we hear on a daily basis. This video should help to answer these and others to help you understand and feel comfortable with your car lifts shipment.
"Your packaging is brilliant.  It’s incredible that so many heavy items could be packed so compactly with little or no shipping or shelf wear."
John P. - Riegelsville, PA
"I have never assembled anything that was better packaged.  All the parts were there, the instructions were clear (video helps) and assembly was straight forward.  I read some other lift instructions that required stringing and rigging all those cables, you all knocked it out of the park by getting that done during manufacturing."
Mitch D. - Alabama

Curious if you have enough ceiling height?
Take a look at the chart below. Keep in mind you will need to calculate the bottom cars height based on the lock clearance that allows enough space to pull the car below. 

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