Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift

Double Wide Car Lift - 4 Car Car Lift_ed
Double Wide Car Lift - Wildfire Lifts
Engineered Arch to Prevent Crossbeam Dipping - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
Max Clearance - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
Bottom Side Of Included Center Aluminum Inserts - WIldfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
Double Locking Mechanism (Cable Slack Lock) - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
Double Locking Mechanism (Cable Slack Lock)- Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
Full Ball Bearing Pulleys Throughout The Lift- Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
Guide Pulleys (Avoid Damage To Cables) - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
Lift Up On Casters - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car lift
Caster Kit Included (Allows For Easy Movement of Assembled Lift)- Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lif
Caster Kit Included (Allows For Easy Movement of Assembled Lift) - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Li
3HP 110V Motor - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
Reinforced Post Top Cap - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
Rolling Jack Tray - Wildfire Lifts
Full Aluminum Insert Option - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
48 Aluminum Approach Ramps (1 Set Included) - Wildfire Lifts Double Wide Car Lift
1 Car Loaded
2 Cars Loaded
2 Cars Up & 2 Cars Down
2 Cars Up & 1 Car & 1 SUV Under
2 Cars Up & 2 Cars Down Outside View



  • 10,000-lb. maximum lifting capacity

  • 6' 9" maximum clearance on top locks

  • Freestanding design requires no bolting down

  • Perfect for parking, storage and service

  • Runway widths accommodate most all vehicles

  • Ship weight 3,880lbs

Have you been considering the idea of storing your cars but would prefer to have less posts in the way? Our double wide version is exactly the solution you're looking for! Whether you have a two car garage you want to turn into a four car garage or you have a much larger space and too many toys you need to store, this lift is for you!

Watch a Quick Timelapse of a Double Wide Assembly

Safety Locks & "Cable Slack" Locks

All 4 corners of every Wildfire lift come standard with 3/4" thick safety locks that engage simultaneously as the lift passes each lock notch. Add in the addition of a secondary "cable slack" lock on each corner and you have safety on top of safety encase of a very unlikely cable failure. Lastly, both the main and secondary locks are held tightly in place to the post by the wrap around design of our cross beams which eliminates the chance of the locks "missing" or becoming disengaged. Our locks utilize a single manual handle release that accuates all 4 locks in unison without the need for air. Fun fact: Wildfire Lifts has never produce a single lift without a secondary cable slack lock.

Boxed Structural Steel Posts & Wrap Around Crossbeams

5" x 5" structural steel posts in combination with computer guided laser cut lock notches allow us to offer a superior, more rigid and incredibly strong alternative to most "c-channel" lifts on the market. Combine this with a 5/8" thick by 12" x 12" base plate and you get a structural post that is as supportive as it is rigid. When working in conjunction with our 2" x 7" crossbeam that wraps all the way around the post to offer not only front to back but also side to side stability you get a lift that comfortably allows you to raise and lower your vehicle each and every time safety and security. With thicker than industry average sidewalls our crossbeams do not need additional reinforcement. Simply put, we engineer our crossbeams and uprights to a higher level than the average lift by using higher grade stock material when producing our lifts.


"Cable Keepers"

Each and every cable underneath the runway that is used to safely lift your vehicle is held in place to ensure it can not become is dislodged from the ball bearing pulley while in operation or not. These "cable keepers" keep a tight enough tolerance to allow the cables to operate as intended but not allow for them to every slip off of the pulley.

Fully Sealed Ball Bearing Pulleys

The Wildfire family of lifts was designed with the purpose of longevity in mind. In order to keep up with this idea every single pulley used on our lifts is an accessible ball bearing style. This allows for easy and minimal maintenance to keep your lift in its best operation state for years and years to come. Every pulley on our lifts are fully sealed ball bearing pulleys for unmatched longevity - the photos shown are an open bearing to show the style but all bearings are fully sealed on your lift.

Flow Restrictor - Wildfire Lifts.JPG

Flow Restrictor (aka Surge Valve)

Directly coming out of the hydraulic cylinder is a brass fitting with an associated flow restricting orifice in place to limit the overall downward speed of the lift. This flow restrictor is in place as an additional level of security in case of an accident that damaged a hydraulic hose. Unlike many competitors who place their flow restrictors in the motor unit we place it directly on the hydraulic ram so that no fluid travels through a hydraulic hose before flowing through the restrictor. Fun Fact: Wildfire Lifts has never produce a single lift without a flow restrictor (surge valve as worded by some competitors).

Hydraulic Ram Wheels

While under load the hydraulic ram twists slightly which could limit operation as well as damaged the underside of a lift. However, all Wildfire lifts come with a bracket that has wheels mounted to it to allow the ram to easily and smoothly operate in and out without contacting or causing damage to itself on the bottom of the runway.

Industry Leading 4 Post Car Lift Motor -

3hp ETL Certified 110V Motor

The Wildfire Lifts WF10000DW comes equipped with a 3hp 110V Motor, 1Ph, 20 amp. This motor offers more power than most of our competitors on the market. It is a more expensive motor and a higher quality motor which falls right in line with other high quality components we offer on all of our lifts.

In the history of our company, Wildfire Lifts has never produced a lift without a motor that is ETL certified. (3rd party independently tested).

Included Accessories With Each WF10000DW


Rolling Jack Tray & Drip Trays

1 Rolling jack tray with associated tension locks to keep the tray better positioned while in use. Unlike many jack trays on the market you have likely seen, our jack tray rolls vs sliding which can bind up or worse cause damage to the runway surface itself. 

8 Drip Trays - 18" x 37". While some of you have cars that don't drip, many others do so we include these to help keep the vehicle or items below clean and dry. 


Caster Set

48" Aluminum Approach Ramps

Due to the thicker crossbeam on the Double Wide lifts we have added an additional 12" to our approach ramps to make loading of lower vehicles easier.


Tire Stops

Full set of 8 tires stops. One piece for the end of each runway.


Are you considering a Bendpak Double Wide Car Lift? Either their HD-9SW or HD-9SWX? See how we compare below and why we are the better choice for your Double Wide needs!

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Customer Pictures
Five Star Reviewed 4 Post Car Lift.png

It went together great, only took a few hours excellent quality, and my 71 GMC Jimmy with a 6” lift and 35’s fits under with room to spare!

Josh S. - Arkansas, WI

Double Wide Car Lift - 4 Car Car Lift_ed
Five Star Reviewed 4 Post Car Lift.png

Brad & Mike, Thank you for a great Wildfire auto lift install and the extra effort working around my shelving I installed! You are both very professional and gracious. Your Wildfire lift makes my garage awesome! I'll recommend you to everyone. I'll be a Wildfire lift owner for life. John :-)

John H. - Plymouth, Mn

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Rolling Bridge Jacks
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