Safest, Highest Quality 4 Post Car Lifts On The Market

Have You Been Researching 4 Post Car Lifts All Over The Internet For Days, Weeks or Months?

If so.. The wildfire lift series is your answer. A high quality lift to help store as well as maintain your vehicles.

"I finally settled on a Wildfire because of the design and customer service. From the first phone call, I knew that customer service was your highest priority."
- Eric S.

Why Are Wildfire Lifts Arguably The Safest, Highest Quality 4 Post Car Lifts On The Market?

Discover why Wildfire Lifts has helped car guys just like you store and maintain their prized possessions

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"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Wildfire Lift. Being a senior citizen this lift gives me more time enjoying my car then crawling on ground and working on my knees and reducing work on my antique car and saves my back for sure. Thank you."
- Mike Y.

The Wildfire Lifts Lineup

"Lifting Your Car To New Heights"
4 Post Car Lifts and Garage Lift
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What Makes Wildfire Lifts So Different?

If you're looking for the highest quality, safest and most aesthetically pleasing car lift on the market you have just found it. You can look all over the internet (and should) to see we offer the absolute best lift on the market at a far superior price than you will find elsewhere. Compare us across the board and we are your superior lift choice.

We offer you a new style of 4 post car lift that is hands down one of the safest lift you can buy. We can offer this as this lift series utilizes a ground up re-engineering of what a car lift has been for the last 25+ years. Some of the best structural engineers around designed this new style of lift with a wraparound sliding post locking mechanism. This has allowed the new design to achieve a superior level of safety by eliminating almost all the wobble, sway and drastically decreasing the possibility of structural lock failure that can be more typical of many c-channel styles (direct lift, challenger lifts, bendpak, etc..) This design eliminates almost all chance of structural lock failure by utilizing around post sliders (see pictures). Not only does this add safety, stability and comfort but also gives a more aesthetically robust look and feel to compliment your garage and space. 

Now, we know you can certainly find lifts for a cheaper price, they are all over, but these products are so inferior to what we offer you are certain to run into "you get what you pay for". As true car enthusiasts we offer a product that is designed to last the entirety of your car collecting days, working just as good on day 1 as it does years and years from now. 

We are not the biggest car lift company by a long ways but we are certainly the most devoted. As true car guys we have spent countless hours and funds to offer a product we know other car enthusiast, you, will love!

If you're looking to clear space, add another car to the collection or simply another tool to your shop/garage you have come to the right company.
"I am very impressed with the lift. After researching the various ones available I had settled on the BYB, but am very happy to have found yours. Better lift and much better price."
- Tom M.

In order to best serve our customers Wildfire Lifts has expanded our inventory holdings to multiple nationwide warehouse locations.

Current Locations: Portland, OR | Minneapolis, Mn | Greensboro, NC 

"Thanks for your help Brad (Wildfire). Your'e on top of your game. It's been great dealing with you guys."
Chris K. - Missoula, MT

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