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Manually Operated Bridge Jack - WF4500M

Manually Operated Car Lift Bridge Jack
Bridge Jack for 4 Post Car Lift
Jack Clearance
Bridge Jack on Four Post Car Lift
Rolling 4 Post Lift Jack
4 Post Lift with Bridge Jacks
4 Post Lift Bridge Jack
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+ freight

  • Fits All Wildfire Lift Models (Excludes: WF7500TL)

  • 4500lb Lifting Capacity

  • Easy Movement On Wheels

  • Max Arm Reach of 66"

  • Great Way To Work On Your Vehicles

  • Ship weight 280lbs

The WF4500M Rolling Bridge Jack is every lift owners Dream Product

The WF4500 Bridge Jack is ideal for any shop. It features 4 wheels that allow it roll easily from end to end on your Wildfire 4 Post Lift. You wont need a 2 post lift to perform wheel service at a comfortable height. These scissor-style jacks offer great speed and versatility, so you can raise two or four wheels off the runway for brake jobs, suspension work or a simple tire rotation. 

"Let me just say, this air jack is built like a brute. In the day’s of planned obsolescence it’s hard to find a quality product, but your air jack and XLT seem they will last into the next millennia. Thanks again Wildfire!"

Carson B. - New Boston, NH - WF4500A - 5 Star Review

Watch An Explainer Video Of Our WF4500M


  • 4,500-lb. Lifting Capacity

  • Manual High Pressure jack-WF4500M

  • Rubber Contact Pads for safe contact points

  • 2” and 5” stack able adapters to allow for higher lifts and clearance from jack

  • Extendable arms- Up to 66” of reach

  • Three locking points- 16”, 12” 5” (not including stack able adapters)

  • 2-Stability Locks to eliminate movement when lifting

Included Accessories

  • A pair of 2" and 5" stack able adapters to allow for higher lifts and clearance from jack


  • Lifting Capacity 4,500-lbs

  • Min Arm Reach 42”

  • Maximum Arm Reach 66”

  • Shipping Weight 280-lbs.

  • Shipping Dimensions 40” X 23” X 11”

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